Who We Are

Indigosoft was created in Mountain View, USA, in 2013 and has its main operations in South America, Brazil, where made partnership with named companies and conquered clients of many segments and sizes. The company offers digital automation solutions, which are focused in simplifying staff daily activities, as well as consultancy services for the areas of quality, processes, fraud prevention and innovation, allowing companies to get corporate advice for their business.

We like to say that we do so creative solutions that the end by being trully Digital Alchemy projects, completely and positively transforming companie’s operations. Our team of professionals gather people who are passionate for technology, innovation, quality and respect to the others. Our projects always aim the offering of end-to-end solutions, which connect innovation, quality, productivity, profitability and fraud prevention. At Indigo we make projects. In our clients, we do wornders!

Our Mission:

Simplify the world though technology and offer solutions that are recognized as leaders in innovation, which brings profits and satisfaction to our valuable clients.

Our Vision:

We want to innovate to multiply results thought the offer of creative and affordable solutions to companies of all sizes and segments.

Our values:

We truly value people. We honor our projects and our curtomers. We are passionate for pioneering and leadership in innovation and technology projects.

We are passionate for innovation, technology and for the creation of surprisingly revolutionary solutions !

Digital Alchemy

The Digital Alchemy era has started and it already is a reality in our world. It is a reality that people want and need. Get ready for having it in your company!

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We are passionate for innovation, technology and for the creation of solutions which are surprisingly revolutionary! Our team of professionals is compromised and completely focused in applying its efforts in projects development, which inspire technology leadership and pioreering.

We are the missing piece for bringing success to your business. Allow us to show how we transform ideas in reality. Contact us!

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Understand our solutions:

Indigo Simplifier

Our team of engineers created this powerful solution, which is capable of transforming dozens of processes in ONE CLICK.

Indigo Dealer

This is a valuable solution for contact center operations because it brings information regarding the customer even before he/she is on the line.

Indigo Performer

The solution was created in order to manage the resources allocation versus its demand in a simple, automated and fast way.

Indigo Analyzer

It monitors employee’s computers and acts fast in order to solve the problem. It raises rentability, productivity and services quality.

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