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Indigosoft offers solutions of digital automation, which are focused in simplifying the daily work of companies of all segments. The company also offers specialized consulting services for the areas of quality, processes, fraud prevention and innovation, allowing companies to have corporate advice in order to take important decisions in their operations.

Our creations bring an innovating dashboard, where companies can consult, real time, the results of their telemarketing operations. This important resource, based on Business Intelligence concepts, brings all the information inside cubes, being easily acessed and used the way your team needs. The resource usually improves productivity and results in many important ways.

The solution was created when one of our clients needed to speed sales through the offering of important information to the agent at the moment of the call with the client. Indigo Dealer is an incredible and extremely valuable solution for telemarketing operations because it maps and brings everything on agent’s computer screens before the call starts and it is usually used in focused operations such as: collecting, insurance, financing and credit.

Our creations enable our clients to analyze and react, real time, to their customer’s needs, so they can become more agile, get cost reduction, productivity and profits. We like to say that we do so creative solutions that the end up doing trully Digital Alchemy projects, which completely transforms your company’s operations. Our projects aim the offering of end-to-end solutions, which connect quality, profitability and fraud prevention. At Indigo we make projects. In our clients, we do wonders!


  • Reduces processes and efforts;
  • Improves client’s satisfaction;
  • Reduces the time the agents stays with clients on the line;
  • Multiplatform – agent, tablet, mobile phone, app, whatsapp and others;
  • Raises productivity;
  • Dashboard with real time results;
  • Easy to use and operate.

Segments that can be benefited by using the solution:

  • Contact Center;
  • Insurance;
  • Banks;
  • Health;
  • Retail;
  • Education;
  • Airline.

``The way you gather, manage and use information defines if you win or lose the game.``

Bill Gates

Innovation Consulting Service

In our projects we define everything together with the client, in order to present the best ideas to be implemented in the company. Indigosoft also offers the ability of implementing and following up with the results of the ideas given.

Digital Alchemy

The Digital Alchemy era has started and it is already a reality in our world! It is something people want and need. Get ready for implementing it in your company and insert it in the next world’s corporate trends.


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We are passionate for innovation, technology and for the creation of solutions which are surprisingly revolutionary! Our team of professionals is compromised and completely focused in applying its efforts in projects development, which inspire technology leadership and pioreering.

We are the missing piece for bringing success to your business. Allow us to show how we transform ideas in reality. Contact us!

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