The Service

Indigosoft lives the technology world inside telemarketing operations in its veins everyday and is completely capable of offering the best quality consulting service to your business. We know how much this subject is relevant and extremely important for the finance results of this business segment, that’s why we believe we are an excellent choice for your company when the service is needed.

We are passionate for technology and for the creation of revolutionary solutions! Our professionals are committed and focused in applying their efforts in projects that inspire technology leadership, pioreering and bring immeasurable benefits to your business! Our projects aim the offering of end-to-end solutions, which connect quality, productivity, profitability and fraud prevention.

What it is

The quality consultancy service offered by Indigosoft focus in the deep study of the current client’s situation for the presentation of ideas for solving its main problems. After that, and if the client wishes, Indigosoft can also offer the implementation and follow up of the project, so that we garantee the great performance of the results proposed.

Who we are

Indigosoft is a technology company also focused in offering services consultancy of innovation, processes, fraud prevention and quality for companies of all segments and sizes. The services we offer are performed by extremely trained and capable professionals, who have a deep knowledge of business and technical matters.

How it works

If your company needs to improve its quality management, Indigosoft is certainly the best partner for this moment. We completely study your operation and stabilish the best strategy for bringing state of the art results to your business. At Indigo we make projects. In our clients, we do wonders! Allow us to show you how we do it!


The quality consulting service offered by Indigosoft searches for raising quality, productivity and competitiveness for its client’s business.  It is offered in an excellent cost x benefit strategy and can be offered to companies of all segments and sizes.


  • Raises competitiveness;
  • Brings more market share to the company;
  • Increases sales and profits;
  • Improves companies processes;
  • Financing results are more efficient.


Our team of professionals gather people who are passionate for technology and innovation and our projects always aim the offering of end-to-end solutions, which connect quality, productivity, profitability and fraud prevention. Contact us!

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We are passionate for innovation, technology and for the creation of solutions which are surprisingly revolutionary! Our team of professionals is compromised and completely focused in applying its efforts in projects development, which inspire technology leadership and pioreering.

We are the missing piece for bringing success to your business. Allow us to show how we transform ideas in reality. Contact us!

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Fraud Prevention

Indigosoft gathers great professionals in order to offer an excellent consulting service and to create actions against corporate fraud in your company.

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