Verbio’s objective is to provide solutions beyond natural language that enhance the multichannel interaction between our clients and their customers, even allowing them to make safe transactions through biometrics. Based on our own technology we have developed 6 solutions that complement each other to adjust to the needs of every client:

Voice Portal: the best interaction channel with your customers. Through voice, they allow access to services and applications in a totally natural way, adapting all the time to the environment and to people’s emotions.

Speech & Text Analytics: extracts information from the dialogues, the users and attention processes, to analyze them and show relevant conclusions about what has been said, by whom and how.

Biometrics: it allows you to verify the identity of the users in the normal flow of communication, without the need for them to remember anything.

Transcriptions and Subtitles: allows you to convert dictation into written text, with the highest reliability guarantees.

Text to Speech: recreates voices that allow you to communicate with your users in a natural, intelligible way, that is both expresive and dynamic. It can be modulated for each application and express feelings, making them at times very close to reality.

Speech Recognition: allows the use in telephone helplines and in multimedia environments. This technology automatically converts a voiceover into text.

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Indigo Simplifier

Our team of engineers created this powerful solution, which is capable of transforming dozens of processes in ONE CLICK.

Indigo Dealer

This is a valuable solution for contact center operations because it brings information regarding the customer even before he/she is on the line.

Indigo Performer

The solution was created in order to manage the resources allocation versus its demand in a simple, automated and fast way.

Indigo Analyzer

It monitors employee’s computers and acts fast in order to solve the problem. It raises rentability, productivity and services quality.

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