Vikstar is one of the Contact Center companies that most improved its business in the last years. It hapened because its customers recognized the company’s efforts and because of the market demands, which requires excellent quality of services. Vikstar works nationally and its solutions are adaptable and multichannel.

Since the beggining, Vikstar looks for investing in its structure, technology and security improvement. We are ready and at your company’s disposal, whenever and whatever you need! Your business can count on our professionalism and our dedication in transforming your company’s contact center.

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Indigo Simplifier

Our team of engineers created this powerful solution, which is capable of transforming dozens of processes in ONE CLICK.

Indigo Dealer

This is a valuable solution for contact center operations because it brings information regarding the customer even before he/she is on the line.

Indigo Performer

The solution was created in order to manage the resources allocation versus its demand in a simple, automated and fast way.

Indigo Analyzer

It monitors employee’s computers and acts fast in order to solve the problem. It raises rentability, productivity and services quality.

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